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Remarks: corrosion resistant to strong acid and alkali, suitable for hydrofluoric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, nitric acid, etc.. Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, steel mills, universities, research institutions and other industries.
A. structure: the three section combined type cabinet, the upper body (ventilation cabinet), middle (operation table), the lower cabinet (cabinet designed to accommodate independent exhaust type composition containing unilateral cabinet and the other side of the independent water and electricity, pipeline system.
A. shell: the use of thick 18mm (containing) more than PP plate welding molding.
B. inner shell: the use of special 18mmPP thick plate welding.
C. table: the use of laboratory dedicated ceramic plate (high temperature 1200 degrees Celsius) or the use of 304, 316L stainless steel production. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, antibacterial and antistatic.
D. lighting: 30W fluorescent lamp
E. handle: using PP font handle.
F. flow plate: using 18mm special thick compact air ventilation cabinet plate, installation position and angle to the exhaust distribution uniformity, no dead angle, under normal conditions, the diversion plate and middle and lower outlet exhaust volume proportion of each of about 50 - 10%, in order to ensure that the gas of different proportion can effectively exclude the other. With manual adjustable exhaust volume ratio design, can improve the middle and lower outlet exhaust volume ratio to 80% above, in order to adapt to the needs of different experiments.
I. window: 5mm thick tempered glass. Internal use of pituitary balance device, can stay in the upper and lower positions.
J. cabinet door open and high: 600 ~ 700mm.
K. working face wind speed: 0.4 ~ 0.6m/s.
L. exhaust air volume: 1080 ~ 1400m3/h.
M. exhaust resistance: 5 ~ 12mmH2O.
N. operating voltage: AC220V ~ 380V.
O. motor power: 0.04 ~ 2.2kw.
P. electrical accessories: universal socket (220V/10A), fluorescent lamp, fan control.
Q. water: 1 group DN25. (configured as user requirements)
R. water: 1 groups of DN50. (configured as user requirements)
S. outlet size: Phi 300mm.
T. fan: the use of glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging.
U. duct: the use of glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging.
Specification (standard type)
Size 1200mm L*D*H 1500mm L*D*H 1800mm L*D*H
External dimensions 1200*850*2350 1500*850*2350 1800*850*2350
Internal dimensions 990*750*1205 1290*750*1205 1590*750*1205
Lower cabinet size 1200*650*860 1500*650*860 1800*650*860
Table Height 860 860 860
Throttle opening height 650 650 650
Recommended surface wind speed At the height of 60% of the opening of the air door, the fume hood shall use an average surface wind speed of not less than 0.5 m / S

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